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December 28, 2008


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How difficult is it to remove black mold on your own? Is it better to call someone in to do it or can I get it done myself?

Are there any specific tools I may need?

I found this website, Toxic Black Mold Information Center. Be careful when removing:


Mold is becoming a problem all over the United States and is an important reason for concern among home and business owners. Over the past few years we have seen a rise in household mold exposure cases and in some instances has resulted in serious illnesses and death. Stachybotrys or black mold is commonly found in areas that are frequently subjected to water and moisture including carpets, furniture and even wallpaper. Black mold is identified by its greenish black color that is often slimy to the touch. This fungus releases tiny spores consisting of deadly chemicals called mycotoxins into the air which is picked up in your air conditioning and distributed throughout your entire home to be inhaled by your family and pets.If you believe that your family and animals have been exposed to stachybotrys you should seek a doctor or veterinarian before the affects of this mold become permanent. If you are unsure of a possible mold problem in your home a simple mold inspection will give you all of your answers on the type of mold found in your home as well as the proper procedure to remove it.

Indeed mold is becoming a very irritating problem. Besides it is very difficult for us to know even if our home is infested with molds.

This mold problem has to be taken care of and solutions and remedies sought.It could be a very big reason for ill health.

Mold can get dangerous and affect the health very badly...it can even cause death.

Black mold is scary and sometimes mistaken for some other molds.One has to be alert to see and observe them.

The main problem is how we know that these molds are creeping in so that we remove them at the onset itself. This is a truly informative and usefulposting.

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Hillary On Mumbai

  • “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families touched by these acts of terror in Mumbai. We still do not know the full measure of this tragedy, which has taken the lives of Indian citizens, Americans, and others who had traveled to Mumbai from around the world. Two New Yorkers, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg of Brooklyn are among those who have died, leaving behind their young son. The young couple had traveled from Brooklyn to manage a small Chabad house, welcoming Jews from India and elsewhere to learn, pray, and serve the community. There could be no sharper a reminder, nor a more poignant call to action, than the brutal and heinous violence visited upon the Nariman House and the Holtzberg family, living and working in Mumbai on a mission of peace, scholarship, and spiritual guidance. As those responsible are brought to justice, as we aid and support the victims and their families, as we work to defeat radical extremism and the terror it spawns, let us find strength in knowing that in the face of those who seek to take lives, there are those who seek to give hope and comfort. In the face of those who wish only to destroy, there are individuals like Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg who travel great distances far from their homes to build a better world.


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