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January 03, 2009


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How can people who embraced Clinton embrace THIS dolt?
Wow, shameful.

Listen...I voted for Hillary Clinton. Gave her money. In fact, she is the first candidate that I have ever been excited about.

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: Sarah Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton. In fact, you are a disgrace to women (AND men, like me) who believe in progress, science, diplomacy, and freedom of the marketplace of ideas. You have the capacity for analysis and reflection of George Bush. And to say that you are for working people when you allow the campaign contributions of voters to buy you $150K in clothes from Nieman Marcus is laughable.

You know, I was so angry about the way that Hillary was treated that I was ready to vote for McCain. Until he picked this snowdevil, hillbilly, white trash pretender from Wasilla. I hope Sarah Palin does run for president in 2016 -- and that Hillary Clinton thrashes Palin's white trash ass.

Are you saying you wouldn't give her the award?

Deo, I suppose you embraced the, uh, um, uh uh uh President elect and the uh, you know, uh, like, you know Princess Caroline.

Good for Sarah and good for those of us just like her! All the Sarah-haters are also the haters of all those in America who are like-minded and like-hearted with Sarah.
There are many of us who embraced Clinton and now embrace Palin and there are many more of us that never cared a fig for Clinton but happily embrace Palin. The other half of America will never get her and they will never get us, they have no understanding of our way of life, our dreams, our hopes, our ideals. They will never understand us because they have no desire to understand us. We think differently from them and that is enough for them to spew their hatred at us. Our value system is not exactly what they value therefore they negate us. The so called 'tolerant' people can not tolerate Sarah Palin or her way of life.
You can see it in the media, you can see it in the hate-blogs, you can see it in the comments on favorable stories about Sarah (which are few and far between). Just try to 'google' a nice story about Sarah Palin and all you get are trash stories. I tried to 'google' pictures of Trig Palin and all I got were search pages full of stories about the ugly rumor of Sarah being Trig's grandmother.
It's obvious Sarah and those of us like her are hated.
But we are not going away. Us hillbillies, us snowdevils, us white trash pretenders are not going away. And neither are us New Yorkers that admire, support, and love Sarah Palin going to turn our backs on her despite all the hatred spewed her way and ours.
Best of Luck to Sarah, her beautiful family, her most precious Blessed Trig, and her new grandson. God Bless! And enjoy your much-deserved American Dream award!

Thank you for this recognition of a great woman. What an honor for her.

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Hillary On Mumbai

  • “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families touched by these acts of terror in Mumbai. We still do not know the full measure of this tragedy, which has taken the lives of Indian citizens, Americans, and others who had traveled to Mumbai from around the world. Two New Yorkers, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg of Brooklyn are among those who have died, leaving behind their young son. The young couple had traveled from Brooklyn to manage a small Chabad house, welcoming Jews from India and elsewhere to learn, pray, and serve the community. There could be no sharper a reminder, nor a more poignant call to action, than the brutal and heinous violence visited upon the Nariman House and the Holtzberg family, living and working in Mumbai on a mission of peace, scholarship, and spiritual guidance. As those responsible are brought to justice, as we aid and support the victims and their families, as we work to defeat radical extremism and the terror it spawns, let us find strength in knowing that in the face of those who seek to take lives, there are those who seek to give hope and comfort. In the face of those who wish only to destroy, there are individuals like Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg who travel great distances far from their homes to build a better world.


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