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September 19, 2009


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did you read or hear about the UN wanting America to go in with the rest of the world on ONE currency?

I'm not happy about that! We are NOT the world in truth. Although we TRY TO POLICE it like we OWN IT! LOL

nice thought though Goddess Sista!
enjoy your mountains! I miss them!

I hear you, Lady. I'm not in favor of the one currency either. But, we are all one in spirit so once in a while it is nice to just enjoy that feeling.

agreed! If we can't have a moment of bliss now and again .......... what's the use in living? right?

Nice chatting over at C4P.
Sorry about your dreary weather week!
Hot as hades here this week but still lots of rain in the afternoons - usual for this area.

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Hillary On Mumbai

  • “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families touched by these acts of terror in Mumbai. We still do not know the full measure of this tragedy, which has taken the lives of Indian citizens, Americans, and others who had traveled to Mumbai from around the world. Two New Yorkers, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg of Brooklyn are among those who have died, leaving behind their young son. The young couple had traveled from Brooklyn to manage a small Chabad house, welcoming Jews from India and elsewhere to learn, pray, and serve the community. There could be no sharper a reminder, nor a more poignant call to action, than the brutal and heinous violence visited upon the Nariman House and the Holtzberg family, living and working in Mumbai on a mission of peace, scholarship, and spiritual guidance. As those responsible are brought to justice, as we aid and support the victims and their families, as we work to defeat radical extremism and the terror it spawns, let us find strength in knowing that in the face of those who seek to take lives, there are those who seek to give hope and comfort. In the face of those who wish only to destroy, there are individuals like Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka Holtzberg who travel great distances far from their homes to build a better world.


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