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to meshow etiadls 9:35 PM (4 minutes ago) I support you on most views but you are off on this. Sarah Palin is strongly supported by many members of the Republican Party and for you as a Tea Party activist to denounce her is the beginning of the decline of the Republican Party for 2012. If you succeed in turning the Tea party against Sarah you might as well vote for Obama as that will be the end result. I am apaled that any one from the Tea Party would start a blog like this and damage the chances this country has of getting a Republican President. Unless I see a retraction please remove my name from your email.Mr. Ashwander, NOWHERE in this post did I mention the TEA Party, or MY association with it in ANY way.. You Sir, can GO TO HELL!If your desire is to see a Republican President, then YOU are as much a part of the problem as you accuse me of being When we have a Conservative, NOT a Republican, or Dem, or Libertarian, but a true America 1st Conservative, then we have a GREAT POTUS Palin can't spell Conservative, but she pretends to BE one If I weren't trying to restrain myself, I would tell you to f**k off, but since I'm trying to be semi-civil with you and your DEMAND that I retract my post, thus depriving me of MY 1st Amendment RIGHT, I won't tell you to f**k off The day YOU start paying MY bills, the day I post this on a TEA Party site, the day I lose my capacity to post MY way on MY blog, then you can tell me what to do, until such time, F**K OFF Oops

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