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Doug,You are such a misguided sole. I will pray for you that you come to your ssenes. It was not about her at all, and was the best one I have heard her give yet one that showed compassion and asked the other misguided soles that would do anything to tarnish her to behave by not shifting blame to someone other than the idiot that fired the gun. I suppose that you are anti gun as well? Remember, it was not the guns fault! Sarah Palin is real. She can handle a chain saw. Catch a fish or kill a caribou. She can be my President anytime. She doesn't lie about her place of birth, or cover up her true Nationality or Religion like someone that has totally snowed the citizens that voted him into office. She doesn't bow down to the leaders of other countries either.Apparently, your great statesman has you snowed as well. I hope that she does run she certainly has some ovaries compared to the balless wonder. I will guarentee, whether Sarah runs or not, THE BAFFOON in the White House will NOT serve another term!!! The voters have already spoken (NOV 2010) and will speak again in 2012.

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