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Congratulations on your book! Just a quick note to let you know you have my support! The oofllwing is my post on Politico.com under the screen name Oper8tor. All the Best, BrianCAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY YOU LOSE SLEEP OVER GOVERNOR PALIN? HERE'S WHY! Despite the irrational level of disparaging and hateful remarks from the democrats and progressive elites that aim to marginalize Gov. Palin, she remains to command attention on the national stage at a level that competes even with the Narcissist In Chief. WHY YOU ASK? Well, let's first begin with the liberal baseline. When the democrats and progressives see their ideological reflection in the American Mirror they're actually seeing it in double vision. One out of focus image is that of their concept of America it is one of injustice, financial disparity, racial divide, inequality, warmongering and the want for large government to guide every aspect of their lives. The second blurry image in juxtaposition is that of a conjured European utopia- it is collective and carefree, void of all that they see wrong with America, it is indeed to them seen as superior to the American way of life. However, they do not realize that this image lacks the soul of freedom and the beating heart of individuality. TAKE NOTE DEMOCRATS AND PROGRESSIVES – THIS IS THE ANSWER! The precise point where democrats and progressives disconnect with Americans like Sarah Palin and those who share her view is when the progressives and democrats attempt to merge and focus their distorted images into what they believe America should be. It is difficult for the progressives and democrats to wrap their minds around because it is so foreign and inconceivable to them however Sarah Palin, like most Americans, sees in the “American Mirror” ONE image that is sharply in focus. It is an image of the citizens of our country living authentically in freedom with optimism and an unbridled opportunity for individual achievement. It is an image of America that limits governance and holds our elected officials accountable so that they hear our voices and conduct themselves with our best interests in mind. Sarah Palin’s never bowed image of America reflects the United States unashamedly reclaiming her position as the leader of the free world by projecting an iron clad and unapologetic national defense. The left should remind itself that The United States of America was conceived and forged in large part because America’s core values are counterintuitive to European socialism. Love her or hate her, should Sarah Palin choose not to run for presidential office in 2012 she will be an immutable megaphone for the American people and the elections in 2010 will resoundingly reinforce to the democrats and progressives that they have lost touch with Americans and are in danger of self-inflicted irrelevance.

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